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When you hire Suncoast Marble Masters you know that the person who gives you the bid is also the person who will work on your project from start to finish. Stone work is my passion and I absolutely love nerding out on the different minerals in each stone and what quarry each slab came from. I equally love helping my customers bring their stone back to it's original glory and save them the headache and funding of replacement. The mere fact that stone can take millions of years to form is fascinating to me and I love nothing more than persevering the history and beauty. 

The stone industry has largely been unchanged for decades and while I have the training and expertise that comes with years of training from the industry's best, I also have the scientific/inquiring mind that wants to improve. I, along with my right hand man, have spent countless hours researching processes, products and stone types to ensure my clients receive cutting edge technology. 

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Suncoast Marble Masters provided me with EXEMPLARY service. From my first phone call with Bryan I could tell he was a man of integrity. Showed up each day early and ready to work. You don’t see that much any more these days. His staff was very professional and courteous. They are very knowledgeable and explained what they were doing along the way. What they do is an Art. They took their time and were meticulous in matching colors in the granite. Suncoast Marble Masters was true to their motto, “Don’t Replace, Restore”! I thought my granite was beyond repair as it was crack all the way through and was actually crumbling apart. I will be using no one else besides Suncoast Marble Masters for any and all future needs. Thanks again Bryan, I appreciate all you did!

John J.


I have 2 bathroom sink counter tops made of marble that were looking dull and stained. I got an estimate from Bryan at Suncoast Marble Masters. Dave was prompt, friendly, and efficient. After his work was done he explained how to keep it clean and what products to use. He cleaned up after himself and left my bathroom immaculate. I wasn't aware at how time consuming the sealing would be. He replaced the old grout and high polished my counters. I was thrilled with the finished job and the price was right. Have already recommended him to my neighbor and will do so again

Sandra W.


Amazing work is what comes to mind. They have completed work at several homes for us and there are not words to describe how amazing everything looks. They restored Marble in a bathroom that was installed 25 years ago it looked dull we had no idea it could look better than brand new again it brought out all the original colors. Call Suncoast Marble Master before you make that decision to replace.
The kitchen island in our new condo they used a diamond dust to bring all the sparkle out we love the way it looks now we had no idea it had so much sparkle in the stone

Joy W.


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